Mandalika International Street Circuit Located in Middle Lombok Location in Middle Lombok, Near From Lombok International […]
Pirelli Indonesian Round 11 – 13 NOV If you need information about lombok please email us […]
Tent For Earthquake Victim
Tent For Shelter in the first strike of the Earthquake, Hundrends of Thousands People lost thier […]
Simple Houses For Earthquake Victim
We build simple house 6 x 5 Meter, For Free People Need Shelter, Goverment Still Prepare […]
Toilet at Refeguee Camp
Thousands Of People Suffered during the Earthquake that time, no bathroom no Tiolet, live in the […]
For Poor, Widow and Old Women Weekly Rice @5kg / Person [wpedon id=466]
Direct Cash Funds For Widows
Our Target to mosly widow that jobless , and widows that have many children. Widow who […]
If You want to Invest and make Business in Lombok, Our Goverment Back up Your Business, […]
Motto : Collaborating With The Community  To Build a Better Environment Social Service Information Service: Collect […]
Foster Parents
Current Project We are looking for donations for children whose parents cannot pay for their schooling […]